Kick Way is a crowd funding platform that allows individuals to create a campaign and raise funds for events, products, movements, etc. It was built as a social network with a timeline functionality on profiles and campaign listings. Real Estate Marketing Platform (Not Active)
Built the first online national real estate team throughout the US & Canada to help home buyers shop for homes online. At it's peak, there were over 800 agents and a support staff of 20 employees. Together the team was generating over $10 million a year in real estate commissions. was the most popular real estate agent review site on the web with over 6,000 reviews and 350k unique visitors per month at it's peak. It was sold to a competitor in May of 2010.
Black Tag is a personal shopping platform to allow individuals to shop with other people their size and learn what they are discovering online. We take a big data approach to understanding what products should be shown to each consumer based on their shopping profiles. is an Airbnb for recreational vehicles. Boats, rv's, motorcycles, etc. There was a large amount of interest for the service, yet we had to stop working on it because insurance providers would not insure the vehicles for rental at the time of launch.
AutoWant is an employment platform that allows individuals to start their own car negotiating business. We provide the tools for our negotiators to help their clients find their perfect car at the price that they want to pay. is a identity verification platform to allow people to verify and swap identities before taking a meeting with someone they've never met before. This was built to help secrure offline transactions in the real world and establish trust on the internet.
Charity Me was a kickstart for charitable giving. You could create a challenge and once people gave enough to the challenge, you would complete it. Bike across the country? Jump out of a plane? Shave your head? Support your favorite charity by doing something crazy.
Friend Trivia is a fun game that allows you to challenge your friends to trivia about yourself or any other subject matter you want to challenge them to. There are pre-built trivia questions along with a way to create your own trivia games. The idea is to get to know your friends better and have fun doing it.